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You’re throwing an event and you’re looking for something with a little bit of je ne sais quoi, right? You’ve browsed countless basic photo booth rentals, all claiming to offer the same thing: a fun, unique way to entertain your guests at your event, be it a special occasion or more corporate affair. 


And that’s all good. That’s a perfectly nice thing to offer.

But Fotably offers more. A range of custom-built, beautiful-looking open-air vintage photo booths that offer premium, one-of-a-kind vintage portraits that’ll dazzle your guests and induce panic in the person who’s throwing an event after you. 

They're that good!

Not your average pHOTO booth

When we were custom designing our booths, we knew we wanted to do something special, not just another cookie-cutter photo booth with a few silly hats to play with. We have a passion for all things well-built, classic and timeless, so we knew exactly how we wanted our booths to look. In a digital world punctuated with scrolling, likes, and DMs, we wanted to design something that would elevate the experience and offer tangible, hold-in-your-hand memories that people would genuinely treasure.

Over the years, we’ve stacked up a few awards and collected countless five-star reviews from happy customers. But what makes us great, ultimately, is that we freakin’ love what we do. It’s as simple as that.

Ready to meet the team?

Creator and head honcho at Fotably, Jason likes long walks on the beach and Hotpockets. He dislikes tomatoes and ugly photo booths. As well as running the show at Fotably, he’s a radio host, committed dad-type and owner of adorable rescue pup, Porkchop. 


Heather is Jason’s wife and masterminds much of Fotably’s social media presence. She’s also a photographer and can be found behind the camera at Fotably’s Houston-based events. 


An artist and a photographer, Hannah has the best eye in the business and an uncanny ability to coax a smile out of just about anyone. 


Also an artist – plus a podcaster and top photographer – Figgy is something of a local legend in Houston and is known for his exemplary charity work.  


Leroy is a recording artist, youtube creator, sharp dresser, and often seen making your guests laugh using only his incredibly infectious laugh.


Has 4 legs, a perfect mane, is a photo booth prop


client reviews

~ Hailee Zera

Our guests even updated their social media profile pictures AT the wedding because they were that good!

~ Mirta Carbajal

The glamour booth made everyone look like a kardashian - even the men!

~  Mary Carbon

Fotably was a total hit at our wedding! Some of my favorite photos of the night are from the photo booth.

~ Brenda Martinez

It was a blast seeing people text themselves photos and see everyone's pictures the next day through the link.

clients & awards

with Team Fotably

this     that


Oh, black and white. Always. 

Black and white for the win! You just look less sweaty. 


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Let me see how they look…

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Oh God, puppies. PUPPIES! 🐶

I don't think I trust cats. 🤔

03. kittens or puppies?

 I’m a cat person myself.  🐱

Me, too. 🐱🐱

You’re both fired. 😂

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Ski. 🎿

Ski. ⛷

02. skiing or surfing?

Neither. I dislike both sharks and abominable snowmen so…hard pass.

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Morning person, for sure. ☀️

In bed by 10pm. 🥱

05. Night owl or morning lark?

Night owl (but then I had kids)

I’ve been up since yesterday. 

Night owl. You wouldn’t like me in the mornings.

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