A Photo booth rental can elevate your event

They’re fun, quirky and give your occasion a sense of…well,


But our Houston photo booth rentals? Our creations offer something a little bit different. Well, a LOT different, if we’re being totally up front about it. 

Our vintage-inspired handcrafted event and wedding photo booth experiences come with real flesh-and-blood photographers, the latest in social sharing and serve up portrait-caliber photographs that’ll knock their socks off. 


Introducing our star

the bellows BOOTH

An original creation that feels more like a photoshoot, than a photo booth.  If we were in a classic Hollywood picture, this grande dame would be our leading lady. Styled to look just like a 1920s vintage leather bellows camera, we've taken the classic black and white portrait glam booth style and elevated it with a red carpet photoshoot experience your guests will be obsessed with. The kind of glossy, gorgeous fun that turns a function into a party.

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Possibly (probably) Houston's best mobile wedding and event digital selfie photo booth rental, this classy number is ultra-portable and mounted on a classic rustic tripod. Put it anywhere in the room and watch your guests gravitate towards its sheer awesomeness.   

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The roaming BOOTH

The latest member of the Fotably family is also the most versatile. A handheld roaming photo booth disguised as a classic framed painting that is literally carried around your event via one of our hosts.  A perfect choice for covering large crowds or intimate venues. 

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Our vintage booths can capture all your event guests' smiling faces, but we have ways of making them talk, too. 


the audio
guestbook phone

This stylish alternative to traditional paper and pen guest book will physically have every guest talking at your next event! Trade trying to read scribbles for hearing voice recordings that you can play again and again. Our vintage-style phones make the perfect addition to events that are anything but ordinary.  

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We’re all about showing as well as telling, 

so check out our photo booths in action

trigger warning: very cool content

clients & awards

Our lineup boasts a crew of talented, passionate types who love artsy things and makin’ memories. We believe our collective superpower is elevating wedding and branding events to new levels of awesomeness, sending your guests home with fantastic moments that they just cannot get anywhere else. 

Team Fotably

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client reviews

~ Suzette Parker

"Our guests cannot stop talking about it! The photos are the best quality I’ve ever seen."

~ Maggie Cesarini

"I cannot recommend Fotably enough! They are easily the classiest photo booth option."

~ Clarissa Marshall

"Best Photobooth option for weddings with a one-of-a-kind experience. This is a must."

~ Hailee Zera

"People updated their social media profile pictures AT the wedding because they were that good"

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