You've never looked this good in a photo booth

If we were a vintage Hollywood picture, this grand dame would be our leading lady. Our Bellows Portrait Glam Booth is styled to look just like a timeless 1920s leather bellows camera, houses real portrait equipment (just like in a studio), and real vignette beauty lighting. This enables us to snap real studio-grade portraits instantly in our signature black and white or color, whichever floats your boat. 

The results are...


Bellows is really more like a instant red carpet photo shoot. Capturing our original "Glam Booth' style.  There’s no countdown or photo limits, instead we use a hand-held shutter that one of our awesome live photographers is in control of (unless you want a turn, that’s cool, too) capturing the perfect shot, and those memorable in-betweens, in our black and white beauty portrait style. Images upload directly to a super high-def screen on the back of the booth where they’re displayed in all their glory. Guests can text them to themselves immediately, or print off glossy prints on the spot. 

Neat, huh?

how do we put this?

photos WITH added


no filters needed

“Our guests cannot stop talking about it. 
The photos are the best quality I’ve ever seen!”

"Our guests cannot stop talking about it! the photos are the best quality I’ve ever seen." 

—Suzette Parker

"I didn’t even want a photo booth until we saw yours. We all framed our photos!"

—Catherine Brown Parish

"Of all the vendors at our wedding, Fotably hands down brought the most value. Obsessed."

—Elyse Pieper

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collection TWO


Ideal if you like to keep it digital and don’t want prints

starting at $1299

  • Guests can text their favorite images to their phones instantly  
  • A Real Flesh and Blood Photographer to dazzle your guests
  • Choose a elegant backdrop style
  • Unique authentic props (optional)
  • Digital copies of all files

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most popular package

collection ONE


Unlimited beautiful glossy prints and texted photos.

starting at $1499

  • Every guest can select as many large, full-size, glossy, frame-able 4”x6” prints as they like
  • Text photos to their phones
  • A Real Flesh and Blood Photographer to dazzle your guests
  • Choose a elegant backdrop style
  • Unique authentic props (optional)
  • Digital copies of all files

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Want more? Don't we all...

  • Add color copies of all photos to the online gallery to also save and share -  Free just ask!
  • Your logo or monogram on images (free, optional)
  • Add a Vintage Phone Audio Guestbook - 399



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frequently asked questions

  • Why book Fotably?
    Fotably is the only photo booth rental company of its kind in Houston. Our booths are completely custom-made to deliver not only fabulous looks, but an experience you just can't get with off-the-shelf photo booths. With over a decade’s experience in weddings and events, we understand the value of delivering a stellar experience.
  • What events are best for Fotably?
    Weddings, for sure. But Fotably makes a perfect pairing for any event. We designed our photo booths to look gorgeous and deliver unique memories, and they do just that at any number of shindigs. Weddings, corporate events, charity events, bar mitzvahs, quinceañeras, fundraising events, bridal showers, Gatsby-themed soirées, night clubs, galas and just about anything else you can think of. 
  • So wait, how do guests get their photos?
    After their photo sessions, guests can move to the back of the booth where they can select their favorite photos right on Fotably's touch screen, and text them to their phones immediately. That text will also instruct them on where to find the event gallery with the rest of their photos. If you add one of our print packages, they can also click a button to immediately print a 4x6 photo. Neat, huh?
  • Do you do prints?
    You bet, but instead of the small photo strips that get lost in your wallet, our compact photo printers print large, frame-worthy 4”x6” prints. You can add an unlimited print package to any booking.
  • How many hours are included?
    Our basic package starts with 3 hours of photo time. You can purchase additional hours as needed.
  • Are all the photos in black and white?
    We love a bit of monochrome. No blemishes, smudged make-up or sweaty post-dance floor faces. Our flash makes everyone porcelain perfect. That being said, Fotably’s booths actually take a color copy at the same time. You can choose to give guests access to these by upgrading to ‘color gallery photos’ during booking.
  • How much space and how long to set up?
    Fotably’s booths are compact and super quick to set up. Since we don't bring tacky prop tables, we only require a 8’x8’ foot space with access to a normal wall outlet within 25 feet. Our prop box is cute and compact. Set-up takes less than 25 min (but add an additional 10 minutes if you want us to supply a backdrop).
  • Do you watermark the images?
    Nope, never. If you opt for us to add your wedding monogram or company logos, it will be the only marking on the photos. As host, you get a master download of all files, free to print and share as you wish.
  • What's with the little yellow ticket?
    We just think they look cute. But they also contain the web address where guests can go to find their photo gallery. If they’re in a hurry, they can grab a ticket then get back to the dance floor.
  • This is so cool, did you guys build it?
    We did. We got tired of seeing ugly photo booths at nice events and weren't happy with the off-the-shelf photo booth options the other guys use, so we built it ourselves! You won't find this quality anywhere else.

But wait, there's more! 

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