Want something that can capture every square inch of your special event?

An interactive roaming photo booth in a frame that comes to you, the Roamer will – as the name suggests – roam around your event (thanks to our dapper hosts), snapping guests with unique photo filters, virtual props (they’re super cool, you’ll love them) all presented in a magical photo booth that’s decked out precisely like an antique work of art. 

The Roamer is the CHOICE for you. 

 A roaming booth

A winning combination of secret lighting and virtual effects makes the Roamer a fully interactive photo booth that’s ideal for cocktail hours, receptions, galas, birthdays, bridal showers and any event that needs something a little quirky. As soon as this on-the-spot booth has snapped the photo, guests can punch in their number, sending it to their phones instantly. They can be breaking the internet via their Instagram accounts in less than a few seconds. 

Mind. Blown.

let's talk packages

The Roamer package is simple but if you want something a little bit different, just ask. These packages mostly apply to weddings and private events. The pricing for corporate or brand events is slightly more custom, so get in touch if that’s more along the lines of what you’re looking for. 

Starting at $699

Ideal for weddings, galas, receptions, unique branding events and more.

  • Up to 2 hours of photo time
  • A dapper-ly dressed member of our team will walk the event with The Roamer, interacting with and dazzling guests as they go
  • We provide an online gallery of all images and videos in real time
  • Guests can text all images to their phones instantly
  • You’ll be given the master download of all photos
  • We can brand your photos with a logo, graphic or custom theme
  • If you need to collect data, we can activate an opt-in screen, after-session contesting and more
  • EXTRAS: Extra time: 250 per hour

Discounts may apply for weekday, Friday and Sunday dates.  Grab a quote now


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frequently asked questions

  • Why should I choose the Roamer?
    Why would you not? Roaming photo booths are super hot right now, and are something of a growing trend at weddings and events. And we just happened to make the coolest one known to mankind sooo…you do the math. If you’re pushed for space, want something more interactive, or just want something really cool and different, then join Team Roamer. 
  • Wait, so the Roamer is literally carried around the event?
    You betcha. 
  • So you just hold up this antique picture frame and it…magically becomes a photo booth?!
    Now you’re getting it.
  • How many people can fit in a photo?
    Since the host is holding it, the further away he or she stands, the more people you can squeeze in. Just like a normal camera.
  • You mentioned a real time slideshow?
    We did indeed. If you have a web-enabled TV, or a laptop hooked up to one, you can slideshow all the images in real time.
  • Do you need wifi or anything special?
    The Roamer has its own built-in wifi. Snazzy.


~ Hailee Zera

My husband and I have loved being able to scroll through the album and see how much all of our loved ones enjoyed themselves.

~ Samantha Hollomen

we had a tight venue and worried we'd be out of luck.  the roamer was perfect!

~ Vibe

Perfect Photobooth option for a spread out crowd. fotably is our go-to for our client events.

~ Vicky Nguyen

10/10 would recommend! we Got so many compliments from OUR guests

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