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The Fotably Vintage Phone Audio Guestbook lets every familiar voice become a captured memory you can play whenever you want to revisit all the feels of a special day. 

When you host a special event, the hours pass by in a blur of buzzing conversations and dance floor moves (cupid shuffle, anyone?). After the celebration ends, not much is left to remind us of the occasion. 
What if your guests could share their words of advice, promote a cause, send congratulations, or crowd-sing Don’t Stop Believing?

Fotably’s audio guestbook phones are wildly popular for weddings, but they are also ideal for Houston area galas, messages for the baby at showers and infant birthdays, receptions, grand openings, and unique branding events.

the fotably audio guestbook is a great call.

With the Fotably Phone Audio Guestbook, you won’t be left with a book of scribbled notes that will end up on a dusty bookshelf or packed away, never to be seen. 

Using a stylish vintage-inspired phone, your guests will pick up, leave a message after the greeting, hang up to save, and get back to the party. We’ll even provide you with signage to let them know how this statement piece works.

You’ll receive your audio files and Fotably’s exclusive (and uber cool) audio-gram files that allow you to share your favorite clips to your IG and other social networks. 

Everyone gets a say during your day.

let's talk prices

Aavailable as an add-on to any of our photo booth bookings like The Bellows Portrait Booth or The Selfie Photo Booth, you’ll create an interactive event your guests rave about for weeks.

in addition to a photo booth - $299

Phone-only rentals available,
contact for availability

  • A beautiful, vintage-style phone 
  • Instruction signage (or we’ll guide your planner if you wish to create your own)
  • A member of our team will deliver, setup, and pack up the phone (no DIY or mail order needed) 
  • A download of all your audio files after your event
  • Audio-Gram files for posting to social media
  • Unlimited guest recording session

Every Audio Guestbook package includes: 

*Prices for premium and holiday dates subject to additional charges. Prices subject to change. 

Turn up the volume to hear a sample!

i want my guests to give me a ring!


frequently asked questions

•  Why should I choose a Fotably Audio Guestbook?
With a traditional pen and paper guestbook, guests will write a message you may read once or twice before packing the book away. But, when your Houston partygoers pick up the phone with an Fotably Audio Guestbook, those messages can spring to life with all the tone, tears, and laughter behind them. You can play your audio files to share with friends and family or whenever you want to relive your mom’s words of wisdom. 

Also, party guests love social experiences and anything photo-worthy (and a gorgeous vintage-style phone always grabs some snaps). 

•  How will I receive my audio guestbook?
There is no DIY or mail order hassle here. Fotably wants you to focus on your party. We’ll handle the phone. One of our team members will set up on-site and make the magic happen.

•  Is this a phone line? 
Nope! The recordings are saved on the phone itself.

•  Do I need to set up or return equipment myself?
No! If rented with a photo booth, a team member we send out will handle everything. There’s nothing you need to do or return. Easy-peasy.  If you opt for the phone only, we will pair you with a vendor partner to get a dream phone to you, either hand delivered or by mail.

•  Do I need any special cables, phone lines, or cords?
Your audio guestbook is entirely portable, becoming an accent anywhere you want to set it into your decor, as it requires no external power or phone line. 

•  I plan to have a lot of guests at my event. Is there a recording limit? 
Nope. Let ‘em talk.

•  How will I receive my audio guestbook messages?
We will send you a download of all audio files after your event and include your audio-gram files in a password protected online gallery.

client reviews

~ Hailee Zera

My husband and I have loved being able to scroll through the album and see how much all of our loved ones enjoyed themselves.

~ Deborah Sondock

This company was amazing from start to finish. I highly recommend them.

~ Clarissa Marshall

Best Photobooth option for weddings with a one of a kind experience. This is a must. Truly outstanding.

~ Vicky Nguyen

10/10 would recommend! Got so many compliments from my wedding guests

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