Understanding Photo Booth Rental Prices

July 1, 2021


Photobooth Rentals vary from event to event, and it can be hard to understand how much a photo booth rental cost. If you plan on renting a photo booth, here are some things you need to consider.

  1. Duration of the event: The length of the event is one of the main factors that can impact the price of a photo booth rental. More extended events may require a higher price to cover the cost of additional staff or equipment.
  2. The number of guests: The number of guests at the event can also impact the price of a photo booth rental. More significant events may require additional staff or equipment, which can increase the price.
  3. Location: The event’s location can also play a role in pricing a photo booth rental. Travel costs, such as gas or transportation fees, may be included if the event is held in a different city or state.
  4. Customization options: Some photo booth rentals may offer customization options such as custom overlays or branding, which can impact the price.
  5. Type of event: The type of event can also play a role in pricing a photo booth rental. Weddings, corporate events, and other formal occasions may have higher price points than casual events.
  6. Type of photo booth: Photo Booths are not created equally. Different types of photo booths may have different price points. For example, a traditional photo booth with a basic backdrop may cost less than a photo booth with a green screen, allowing the background to be changed digitally. Or more premium and unique photo booth rentals such as Fotably Photo Booth’s original vintage vibe Bellows Portrait Booths provide higher value to you and your guests.
  7. Quality of prints: Some photo booth rentals may offer high-quality prints as part of their package, which can impact the price. Others may use lower-quality printers, cameras, and software, which will lower your rental price but may also impact the end product you receive.
  8. Props and decorations: Some photo booth rentals may include a variety of props and decorations as part of their package, which can impact the price. Cheap dime-store props will come at a lower price than unique curated items.
  9. Extra features: Some photo booth rentals may offer extra features such as a real-time slideshow or a digital photo gallery, texting to guests’ phones, video capture, and more, which can impact the price.
  10. Experience and reputation: Perhaps the most important, the experience and reputation of the photo booth rental company will play a role in pricing. Companies with a strong track record and good reputation should charge a higher price for their services. When it comes to photo booths, you often get what you pay for.

It’s important to consider all of these factors when determining the pricing for a photo booth rental. It may be helpful to research the prices of similar businesses in your area to get a sense of what is competitive in the market. Ask yourself if the value you are trading for a lower rental price fits the needs of your event.

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