What is a “Glam” Photo Booth and How To Choose One

December 30, 2022

Glam Photo Booth Couple

Are you planning your dream wedding and looking for unique and stylish ways to capture memories with your guests? If so, you should consider a black-and-white glam photo booth.

But what exactly is a black-and-white glam photo booth? Some call it the “Kardashian Photo Booth.” Simply put, it’s a photo booth style that takes black and white shots on clean backgrounds, stunning contrast, and, most importantly, clear skin complexions, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to any event. These shots are a unique and memorable memento for your guests to take home, and they also look great when displayed in a slideshow at the reception or included in a wedding album.

But why is a black and white glam photo booth such an excellent choice for a wedding? For starters, it fits in with any wedding theme or color scheme. Whether you’re looking for a classic, vintage, or modern look, a black-and-white glam photo booth perfectly complements your style.

Another reason to consider a black-and-white glam photo booth for your wedding is that it’s a fun and interactive way to entertain your guests. It’s a great ice breaker and helps to get people mixing and mingling, and it also provides a unique memento for your guests to take home.

With Fotably, you aren’t limited to just a white background; they can use any wall or texture from your venue for unique details.

But not all black-and-white glam photo booths are created equal. Many often rely on cheap filters and lack the proper lighting for clear black-and-white images. That’s where Fotably Photo Booth’s Bellows Portrait Booth Rental comes in. Our vintage-inspired booth is not only visually appealing, styled like a 1920s camera, but it also features professional portrait lighting that creates a stunning shadow vignette and uses no filters, just perfect photography. It feels more like a photo shoot than a run-of-the-mill photo booth. Plus, the magic is in their team of trained photographers who operate the booth and always look out for the perfect shot and those fun “in-betweens.”

When choosing a black and white glam photo booth for your wedding, Fotably Photo Booth’s Bellows Portrait Booth is the clear winner. It’s stylish, practical, and versatile and will surely be a hit with your guests. So why wait? Reserve with Fotably Photo Booth today and make your wedding reception unforgettable!

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