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Black and white photo booth photo

Discover the latest trends in photo booth rentals for 2023. Learn about the costs, quality differences between economy and luxury booths, and innovative features that can elevate your event.

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Understanding Photo Booth Rentals in 2023: Prices, Options, and Quality

December 3, 2023

Glam Photo Booth Couple

Capturing Magic: Our Unique Approach to Glam Photo Booths Fotably’s Glam Photo Experience takes photo booths to the next level. It combines the vintage charm of our Bellows Photo Booth with a sprinkle of Hollywood glamour. Our Booth’s unique design draws people in, but the Glam Experience really steals the show. It provides high-quality, black-and-white […]

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Black and White Glam Photos – Fotably Houston

July 15, 2023

Learn about the latest trends in photo booth industry for 2023

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Photo Booth Trends For 2023

January 22, 2023

As a wedding planner, I always recommend adding a photo booth to the wedding plans. Not only is it a fun and unique activity for guests, but it also captures unforgettable memories.

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Why Every Wedding Needs a Photo Booth: A Wedding Planner’s Perspective

January 1, 2023

Black and white photo booth photo

Are you planning your dream wedding and looking for unique and stylish ways to capture memories with your guests? If so, you should consider a black-and-white glam photo booth. But what exactly is a black-and-white glam photo booth? Some call it the “Kardashian Photo Booth.” Simply put, it’s a photo booth style that takes black […]

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What is a “Glam” Photo Booth and How To Choose One

December 30, 2022

Photo booth couple using vintage photo booth at branding event

Experiential marketing activations are a powerful way to engage customers and create lasting brand impressions. One effective tool for boosting these activations’ return on investment (ROI) is using unique photo booths.

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Boosting ROI with Photo Booths: The Benefits of Using Them for Experiential Marketing Activations

December 29, 2022


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